Editing my Show

My show is too long. I’ve gone over the script and no one in their right mind would sit (comfortably) through all this. I’m not sure of the actual timing but the page count (which I will not disclose at this time even though the margins are big and the spacing is double-lined) is too big. For those who know they are coming to see this show please rest assured that I will not keep you forever and that I am vigorously editing this script as far down to its essence as I can. I am effectively, as Stephen King wrote, “killling my darlings,” in other words, taking out those parts that I just think are too good to take out–but these tend to only sound good to one person and often go on too long. They’re being cut, sometimes quickly and mercilessly without thinking.

I recently bought a battery-powered weed wacker for my lawn and while I loathe yard work, I can finally see my true sidewalk again. I can see the path where people must tread. In my pages and words I am seeing the path the audience can follow and see clearly with me. I hope.

At this point there will be an intermission so perhaps I will encourage you all by serving some cookies there or something to let you believe that the second act will be as good or better than the first. I hope. I mean, don’t worry, yeah, don’t worry. It’s going to be good. It’s going to be great. Believe me. Believe in me.